“Sam Wade is a consummate professional and my go-to resource on anything in relation to visual design, post-production and anything that requires an exacting eye for detail. His perfect mix of mad artistry and obsessive perfectionism means I know any project I hand over to him will come back having exceeded my expectations.

His sense of timing and rhythm in both movement and speech makes him my first choice as an editor every time. His experience this field in turn imbues his graphic design work with a engaging sense of energy and movement.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who will listen.”

Richard Cornally

Artistic Director - Sydney Drama School
"Sam did an excellent job helping to create a compelling video pitch of my concept. There was no easy way to explain such a sophisticated model except through a background story and functional, animated graphics in the form of a short video.
Sam was willing to work under time pressure prior to a conference, and making several edits to get it just right. He is a strong, clear communicator, highly responsive, and easy to work with. His strong understanding of business and marketing makes the process streamlined and results in a highly persuasive product. 
I have received incredible feedback on the video, and it has played a crucial role in attracting investors."
Spencer Stein
G.3.0 Fund
“Sam is a very professional and easy to work with graphic designer. He has a real attention for detail and always completes high quality work for us in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is after a multi-talented creative who can deliver outstanding results, exceeds expectations and has exceptional attention to detail.”

Nathan Edwards

Sales and Marketing Coordinator - Turfco Australia
“Sam Wade is the gentleman of graphic designers: he’s on time, his work looks great and will definitely open doors for you. From poster design and video editing to photo retouching and website construction, he has been creative, meticulous and professional.

In a production capacity, Sam is a visionary. He inspires others to work with him because of his creativity, tenacity and positivity. He is an excellent problem-solver, well-read and highly analytical. Having worked with Sam on film sets, theatre shows, in
pre-production and post-production, I can attest to the passion, good humour and hard work Sam brings to the table of any
creative endeavour.”

Irene Nicola

Producer, Director and Musician
“Sam’s professionalism and passion for his work, coupled with the high quality of his design and fast turn-around times, made
working with him an absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

Jim Fishwick

General Manager - Jetpack Theatre Collective
“Sam Wade has an incredible skill for bringing even the wackiest of ideas from the imagination onto the screen.

He communicates ideas and possibilities effectively, he is practical, creative, well thought out and very experienced when it comes to all processes of film production. His edited work is cleanly cut, sharp and over all, of an extremely professional quality.”

Rosie Cremer

Independent Burlesque Artist
“Sam is consistently meticulous, decisive, thoroughly prepared and extremely efficient, he and his team went above and beyond anything I ever expected for this project in terms of preparation and execution.

The tools which Sam operates during all stages of production are nothing short of industry standard, and service delivery can only be described as outstanding!”

Nenad Teofilović

Filmmaker and Musician - Stormbird
"I had the pleasure of working with Sam to design a graphic for a poster. Sam's flexibility and professionalism makes him very easy to work with and the process was smooth from the early stages of design right through to final product.
Sam is very talented and was able to work very quickly with my brief descriptions and a sketch, digitising my ideas with impressive accuracy
I would highly recommend his services to anyone."
Penney Wood

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