I'm not a natural journal-er (journalist?). I don't keep a diary and documenting things has been the bane of my academic life.

That said, my Mum was a teacher and my Dad was an engineer so I grew up having things explained to me. Being taught how things work. Taking things apart and putting them back together.

That's what I want to do here. I want to share my process on creativity and how you can apply that process to literally every aspect of your life.

I think a lot of people have creativity segregated from their lives at an early age. It's taught in schools as a thing that is the fun, child-like break from the more adult work of maths, English, science, etc.

I hear a lot of people who don't work in a creative field say how they are not creative. That's a thing that outliers do. The mad people with the brushes and instruments who are disconnected from 'them normal folk.'

Couldn't be further from the truth! Everyone at some point or another will create something, usually on a daily basis. You cook, write, take photos, find a better way to do that thing that was previously slightly more difficult.
All carried out every day by pretty much everyone.
All creative endeavours.

What I want to do is share my process and hopefully inspire someone else to be creative. To go out and make something.


Sam Wade
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